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Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany
Published by Vincenzo Errico Photographer in Destination Wedding · Sunday June 28 2020
The best wedding venues in Florence


Getting married in Florence is the desire of many people. The destination wedding in Florence records really interesting numbers. Every year many married couples of various nationalities arrive in Italy: English, Russian, French, German, Chinese, and others with the aim of fulfilling their dream of love in the beautiful city of Florence.
Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a city famous all over the world and hosts many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture.

Its architectural structures are known all over the world: the Duomo, the cathedral with a tiled dome designed by Brunelleschi and Giotto's bell tower. The Accademia Gallery displays Michelangelo's David sculpture while in the Uffizi Gallery there are Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation.

The city is one of the most popular places to pronounce the fateful 'yes' and become husband and wife. The phenomenon of destination wedding in Florence is developing.

The territory of Florence offers a newlyweds a selection of the best villas, historic houses, period residences, charming hotels.
Destination wedding professionals such as: wedding planners, catering, agencies, incoming will satisfy every couple's needs.

As for the selection of the facilities and the locations for the wedding, it is possible to conduct an accurate assessment of the most prestigious locations in the Florence area.

Amazing wedding venues in Florence



Villa Cora

A villa full of elegant and refined environments, an ideal location to celebrate unique weddings. It boasts a series of useful services for the organization of the wedding and the staff will be extremely available to accommodate the requests of the married couples.

Villa La Vedetta

A perfect structure to celebrate your wedding in Florence, surrounded by greenery and near the banks of the Arno river. Villa La Vedetta has a large romantic terrace, an important element for taking suggestive photos. The location has a highly qualified staff within the organization of the wedding. Married couples are offered a menu proposal that varies according to the seasonality of the products, always listening to the customers' needs and offering the highest quality typical of Florentine cuisine.

Borgo I Vicelli

Borgo I Vicelli is a suggestive estate surrounded by greenery with a large olive plantation. The services offered to the spouses are remarkable. Starting with the professionalism of the staff. The chef of the restaurant will design a traditional Tuscan themed menu together with the couple, following customs and traditions revisiting them with a modern and innovative touch.

Villa Bardini

A structure rich in art and culture, it boasts a profound history. After many years of neglect in 2006, it was reopened to the public and today it is at the top of the list for the organization of events, weddings and other initiatives.

Villa Monteverdi

It is a noble residence of the Marquis Incontri. This localtion is considered a historical jewel surrounded by greenery. It is located in a historic park within the city, but in the countryside, a unique and incredible combination that only a 1400 villa can have. Villa Monteverdi represents an ideal setting to celebrate a wedding of originality. The structure has exclusive spaces and personalized services to organize a unique and original wedding.

Villa di Bavigliano

"The charm of history - the charm of nature - the art of hospitality." This is what this magnificent structure represents, full of beauties and spaces for the newlyweds to organize a fairytale wedding.
In this post we have listed six locations to evaluate in order to celebrate your wedding in Florence. Continue to follow the pages of the blog and you will discover interesting news.

Giardino di Travalle

It is a historical residence of the century. XVII, the complex has farmhouses with enchanting names such as: Castellaccio, Fornello, Chiudende, Molinello, Casinaccio, Castelluccio. They are all connected to each other and the villa via a specially constructed road network. The front part of the villa has a large Italian garden which is adorned with fountains and more than two hundred lemon trees, on the back the garden has tall trees and the area is wilder. The Villa-Fattoria di Travalle can host events such as weddings or corporate meetings. The maximum capacity of seated people is about 200 in the oldest part and 140 in the renovated one.

Castello di Vincigliata

Vincigliata Castle dates back to 1031, whose owners were Vinsdomini and Alessandri. It was later bought by a young English lord, John Temple Leader. From this moment on, it was used for events and receptions, recreating unforgettable evenings in its welcoming lounges yesterday and today.

Villa il Petriccio:

Villa il Petriccio is the right location on the Florentine hills, where you can celebrate any type of event. The rooms and the garden make Villa il Petriccio even more fascinating. The villa has elegant spaces where it is possible to create parties in grand style. The halls that characterize it are: the Sala delle Peonie, capable of hosting up to 230 people. The Sala delle Pitture, used for aperitifs, appetizers and cake cutting. The Sunset Pool, perfect for setting up the buffet. The Corte delle Camelie offers a very romantic space for the ceremony and the dance.

Antica Fattoria Paterno

The Antica Fattoria Paterno location is located between the Florentine hills and has always been considered an elegant historic home. Here you can organize exclusive events. The furnishings are in Tuscan style of the 17th century. There is Mediterranean vegetation and an elegant swimming pool.

Castello Barberino

Barberino Castle is the official seat of the Municipality for the celebration of weddings. It is considered by all a place of great artistic and cultural interest by the inhabitants of Mugello. For receptions it is possible to use the frescoed halls or the Court "framed" by Cedars of Lebanon. The newlyweds will be able to celebrate the wedding and organize a refreshment inside the location that has always been considered fairytale and suggestive.

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is located in the hills of Fiesole, and is an ancient medieval monastery. The facade of Villa San Michele was conceived in the 14th century and is attributed to Michelangelo, and is today surrounded by woods and terraced gardens. From here you can admire the view of Florence and the Chianti hills. In the Villa it is possible to celebrate events.

Castello di Gabbiano

The Castello di Gabbiano is today a stately home located in the province of Florence. After the succession of numerous owners, today it is home to a vine-growing company owned by the Beringer Blass family. It has a quadrangular shape with four cylindrical towers placed at the corners which create a great scenographic effect. In the 19th century, the rooms that were created inside the corner towers were frescoed with paintings of an idyllic and arcadian subject. The coffered ceiling has been restored in the main hall. It is possible to celebrate events here.

Villa Le Piazzole

Villa Le Piazzole is a green corner in the heart of Florence. It has an important architectural and historical structure that makes the structure particularly elegant.
There are olive groves and there are also the vineyards that surround it. In the Villa it is possible to organize events.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Villa Medicea di Lilliano is located in Florence. The main facade of the Villa is seventeenth-century and has two small towers. Inside some rooms are frescoed and a chapel has various stuccos and decorations. It has an important garden whose fountain with caryatid was built by the architect Giovan Battista Foggini, in the garden there is the lemon house. Here there are geometric flower beds bordered by shaped box hedges, embellished with basins of lemons in the warm months. From the internal courtyard of the villa, adorned with a central circular basin, two large symmetrical stairways depart, which can also be traveled on horseback, leading to the terrace overlooking Florence. The terrace leads to a large living room once used as a barn. Below the Villa, which is also the headquarters of the Malenchini winery and olive oil company, there is the cellar and the orciaia, with ancient jars from the kilns of Impruneta and Belmonte. In the Villa it is possible to organize events.

Giardino Torrigiani

The Torrigiani Garden is located in Florence, it has a vast territory of about seven hectares. It was considered the largest private garden in Europe within the circle of a city wall.
It was known in the sixteenth century as a botanical garden. The structure has a neo-Gothic style “tower” which alludes to the family crest. About twenty-two meters high, the tower housed a collection of astronomical instruments, a library and on the top an open terrace for observing the sky. The turret is positioned on an artificial hill close to the defense bastion built by Cosimo I dei Medici in 1544 against Siena. Except for the pre-existing Medici bastion, all the remaining works contribute to lead the visitor through a complex romantic-sentimental itinerary. Here you can organize events.

Palazzo Borghese

Palazzo Borghese is located in Florence and is considered a beautiful location, ideal for meetings, dinners and events. Palazzo Borghese is one of the most important and characteristic buildings of Tuscan neoclassical architecture. It has an imposing grand staircase that leads to the main floor of the building. The fundamental part of the Palace is made up of the "Hall of Mirrors" and the "Monumental Gallery" or "Salone delle Feste". This room presents two hundred square meters of frescoes, stuccos, bas-reliefs, niches, statues, columns and curtains on an architectural and artistic level.


To tell the most beautiful day of your life you need the eye of a true professional. Entrust your photo reportage to me!

My name is Vincenzo Errico, thank you for reading this article, I suggest you read the other blog posts that I made just for you.

I am a photographer specializing in , in and . I live and work in one of the most important cities of art in Italy: Florence, a few km from the historic center, but I am willing to move around willingly to photograph weddings in Tuscany, in Italy and wherever my photos like.

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