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Wedding Proposal Photographer - Giardino di Boboli in Florence

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Wedding Proposal at Giardino di Boboli in Florence


Chris, cunning in his desire to capture every moment of this unique occasion, had contacted me to ensure that the emotion of the marriage proposal would be forever immortalized. Having seen my work as a wedding photographer, he decided to hire me to cover the event under the guise of a simple couple photoshoot.

With discretion and professionalism, I introduced myself to Lauren as the photographer tasked with documenting their day in the Boboli Gardens.

As we moved among the beautiful green frames and picturesque views, I immortalized their love authentically, conducting the photoshoot with naturalness. Meanwhile, Chris sought the perfect moment to make his move.

When the crucial moment approached, Chris signaled me, and with the utmost discretion, I positioned myself to capture every detail of the marriage proposal. Lauren, unaware of the secret plan, suspected nothing until Chris knelt, uttering the words that would change their lives forever.

The result was a set of extraordinary photographs that told the complete story, from the innocent beginning of the photoshoot to the magical marriage proposal in the enchanting setting of the Boboli Gardens.

Photographer: Vincenzo Errico
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