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Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Miniato al Monte - Firenze

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Wedding proposal in San Miniato al Monte in Florence


As a photographer, Giuseppe contacted me to organize an unforgettable marriage proposal for his beloved Rachele. We planned everything down to the smallest details, with the enchanting backdrop of Florence.

The story begins when Giuseppe sought my assistance in making his surprise proposal truly special. After learning the details of their love story, we chose to set the event in the picturesque San Miniato al Monte, enjoying its breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

Every aspect was carefully curated, ensuring that everything was ready for the big moment. To add a romantic touch, we decided to involve a musician with a violin, making the atmosphere even more magical and engaging.

In my role as a photographer, I captured every moment as Giuseppe knelt down, revealing the ring, and Rachele, moved and happy, accepted the proposal with a radiant smile.

Photographer: Vincenzo Errico
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