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Wedding getting ready tips



How To Have The Best Getting Ready Pictures

After years of experience in wedding photography, I have created this guide full of valuable tips for preparing for your wedding. When the big day arrives, everything should be perfect! But often the importance of preparation and how to adequately prepare for the arrival of the photographer is underestimated. The preparation phase can give you emotions and unforgettable memories to cherish forever!

Here are some tips for getting the best photos during the "getting ready" phase (and helping your wedding photographer in the best possible way!). You will find advice on choosing the ideal location and what not to forget to bring with you on your wedding day!

1 - Choose a bright and spacious location to get ready

This is the most important tip for wedding preparation. "Photography" means "drawing with light," so light is essential! Choose the brightest location you can find, with large windows and beautiful natural lighting, and you will make your photographer (as well as the videographer and makeup artist) happy! Also, make sure the room is spacious enough to accommodate a team of 2-3 people (photographer/videographer).

2 - Organize the space!

This is the most crucial step to take before starting the preparation! I know you might have a thousand thoughts running through your head on your wedding day, but you definitely don't want to see boxes, pajamas, socks, bags, and suitcases scattered around in your wedding photos. So make sure to remove anything that could be "distracting" from the room before the photographer arrives.

3 - Avoid overcrowding

I understand the importance of having friends and family around you on such a special day, but the photography team also needs space to move! My advice is to choose only the 3-4 people closest to you to be present in the room during the preparation... everyone else will have the opportunity to see you shortly after!

4 - Bring along a piece of stationery / invitation before starting the preparation

Believe me, it's something that everyone always forgets... and it's a shame because stationery is a great way to start telling the story of your wedding (especially if you're a lover of details like me, haha). So, PLEASE make sure to have at least one complete copy of the invitation with you in the room, or ask a guest or bridesmaid to bring one!

5 - Gather all the details

Details are essential for telling the story of your wedding. Here's a useful list of items to keep handy for detail photos. Your photographer will surely ask to photograph these objects during the preparation, so it's best to be prepared!

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding rings
  • Shoes Perfume Jewelry (earrings, necklace, brooch)
  • Engagement ring
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Vow book
  • Stationery/invitations
  • Additional flowers from the bouquet

6 - Wear something cute and comfortable during the preparation

If you're a bride-to-be, you have surely thought about what to wear during the preparation! White silk robes and white slippers seem like the perfect match for a bride getting ready! In any case, make sure to wear something cute and comfortable because photos will be taken with those clothes!

7 - Relax and enjoy your wedding day!

Your wedding day only happens once, and you need to fully enjoy it! Leave behind stress, anxiety, and rush, and take your time! Organize your day in a way that allows for some extra time for any unforeseen events, and simply enjoy the process and emotions. Now that you have read these useful tips for wedding preparation, I'm sure you will feel more comfortable and relaxed!

Thank you for reading!
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